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Book Recommendations

Books on Affairs and Cheating

Not Just Friends Book

Not “Just Friends” offers practical advice about affairs and why they happen, especially affairs in the workplace. This book shares case studies and backs up the information with the latest research. Concrete information is presented on steps to healing as a couple and areas to watch out for, even in good marriages. If you have infidelity in your relationship history this is a must read.

Getting Past the Affair Book

Getting Past the Affair is a must have book for couples recovering from infidelity. I recommend that couples read it together because it is validating for both partners. This book gives a road map of the phases of healing that need to occur after the affair.


Marriage and Relationship Books

Hold me Tight Book

Hold Me Tight, by Susan Johnson developed Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This is the approach that I have been trained in to do couples counseling. This book offers exercises or conversations for couples to practice to help them uncover more vulnerable emotions that enhance emotional connection.

Getting the Love you Want Book

Getting the Love You Want, is written by Harville Hendrix the developer of the Imago Therapy and the Imago Dialog. I often use this in my sessions with couples. The Imago dialog is a structured conversation that helps couples slow down to hear and validate each other. The book explains the process and gives a series of examples so that couples can practice the method.

Sex Addiction and Co-dependency

Don't call it Love Book

Don’t Call It Love, is a book that I often recommend to sex addicts and they family members. Patrick Carnes, the author does a clear job of explaining what sex addiction is and the steps of how to recover from it. He uses plain language and has a plan for recovery. Patrick Carnes has written several books on sexual addiction and I believe that this one is his best.

Women, Sex and Addiction Book

Women, Sex and Addiction is a book I often recommend to women who are married to men with sexual compulsions. This book views women holistically and how they can become co-dependent or addicts themselves. The author uses real stories about women and their recovery journey.

Women who Love too Much

Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood is a book that I recommend to women who find themselves attracted to men who are distant, emotionally unavailable and neglectful of the relationship. This book addresses addictive love and co-dependency in women, in which women seek men without considering their own needs and self worth. The book has very interesting case studies in it.